I have no tolerance for people who refuse to accept that most people with mental illnesses really struggle with keeping a job or even just getting a job in general.

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" You know how advice is - you only want it if it agrees with what you wanted to do anyways. "
by John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent (via uglierer)

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Also, I’m going to write a book, titled: Lacan, what the fuck?!

" Shotgunning anyone in this room would be the moral equivalent of killing a car, a vacuum cleaner, a Barbie doll. Erasing a computer disk. Burning a book. Probably that goes for killing anybody in the world. We’re all such products. "
by Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters (via ungratefullyy)

I smoked pot yesterday. I slept like a baby. I haven’t slept like that in ages. I think I might be getting tired again. My heart is getting tired again. 

" Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something. "


remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

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